The School

Cruckton Hall School is an independent residential school registered for 92 children aged 7-19 years. Occasionally, a younger pupil may be admitted subject to the local authority, Ofsted and the Department of Education special dispensation. The school was established in 1978 and is approved by the DfE and Ofsted. Cruckton Hall has provided a residential education service for over 30 referring education authorities. Young people attend Cruckton Hall having experienced various difficulties at school, home and in the wider social community. Each referral is carefully assessed looking at the young person’s individual needs and how they will impact upon the larger Cruckton Hall group.

All of the young people at Cruckton Hall School have a diagnosis within the Autistic Spectrum, and quite often of co-morbid disorders which complicate their needs. Many arrive with a range of related learning, sensory and communication difficulties. These needs are met by an individually structured learning environment in which each child:

  • feels safe and secure to develop and learn
  • is treated as an individual to make appropriate choices
  • can develop and understand his personal significance
  • develops appropriate social skills to reach a level of independence

This individualised programme is geared towards allowing each pupil to eventually take their place fully in society.

Class Groups

Each teacher has responsibility for a class group and maintains each pupil’s IEP. These plans are reviewed at least twice per annum and are developed in conjunction with the residential care workers.

The youngest children have most subjects taught by their class teacher, who is primary school trained, but all pupils are taught according to individualised timetables. The teaching programme is supported by teaching assistants.

Class groups, which usually consist of six pupils or less, are organised according to year group and key stage. Each child is helped to learn at their own level and pace, through both class and individual teaching. Literacy, Numeracy and I.C.T. are promoted across the curriculum.

Drama forms an important part of the curriculum at Cruckton Hall. It is timetabled as part of the syllabus in English and PSHE, alongside academic, social and therapeutic programmes. Social Speech and Language programmes are also offered in order to meet EHCP outcomes.

A number of pods as well as the garden and woodland area can be used as a quiet area by pupils for individual study or to work through personal issues or difficulties in coping with anxiety or frustration.

The school runs a forest school with an accredited course in Bushcraft skills. We also offer equine studies.


Buildings, facilities and grounds are designed and maintained to provide the best possible setting to meet the various needs of the pupils. This demonstrates the value Cruckton places on the individual. Cruckton Hall enjoys a stunning rural environment, yet is within a few minutes by road of the comprehensive amenities of Shrewsbury and is easily accessible to national road and rail networks.