Living Towards Independence

16+ Accommodation

Ivy House

Ivy House is situated adjacent to the sports hall at Cruckton. There are nine single bedrooms for pupils who are normally in Year 10/11 at Cruckton Hall School. The emphasis here is ensuring that those in Year 11 have a slightly different programme encouraging more mature independence skills to prepare them for the next stop in their life.

Harlescott House

This unit, opened in 2003, offers 9 single rooms and a ‘practise flat’ for young people aged 16+. The majority of these young people attend local Further Education or Sixth Form Colleges within the Shrewsbury area. They are supported by the residential staff and additional input is given by the Cruckton teaching staff, as required. There is an independence unit within Harlescott House where the young people can practise living skills such as shopping and budgeting for leisure activities during their stay. Support can be given as required by care staff and young people can reintegrate to an educational programme within Harlescott House, if this is required. Community recreational facilities are widely used by this student group.

Harlescott Lodge and Studio

On the same site there are two further buildings. The Lodge is a five bedroomed unit for young people who are assessed as being capable of further independence and are allowed to do so with a light touch care staff support. Young People in the Lodge are given a weekly budget to spend on food and activities. Their diet and recreational programme is monitored by their designated key-worker.

Harlescott Studio is a two bedroomed bedsit accommodation for two young people who have progressed from the Lodge. These young people can live virtually independently from the main Harlescott site if required, although the residential staff keep a supervisory eye on issues such as budgeting, recreation, socialising and attendance at college.