It is accepted that many children come to Cruckton exhibiting both difficult and challenging behaviour. The structure and consistency of our approach, combined with a nurturing environment, has had a long track record of shaping childrenís behaviour to more socially acceptable norms. Expectations of pupil behaviour are high. The basis of the approach is:

  • Self-respect
  • Respect for other pupils
  • Respect for staff
  • Courtesy
  • Politeness
  • Tolerance
  • Motivation at work

Children and young people will be encouraged and supported to develop as many of these qualities as is possible. Attendance at school is a non-negotiable requirement of a pupilís placement at Cruckton Hall and uniform is an expectation.

Where rules are breached a series of consistent sanctions are applied, mainly in the area of reparation, such as performing a community task, loss of privileges or free time, or withdrawal from participation in an activity off site. Serious incidents such as fighting or violence towards another person will be responded to by diversion and de-escalation, although if necessary staff will intervene using the physical intervention techniques. Staff are trained in a behaviour support system known as PRICE (Protecting Rights in a Care Environment).