About Us

Situated in a beautiful rural location within 4 miles of Shrewsbury, Cruckton Hall School has, since 1978, become a leading resource in the UK for children and young people with Asperger's Syndrome, ADD and ADHD.

Cruckton Hall School provides a well-established and successful option for children with a range of difficulties within the Autistic Spectrum of Disorders. The school specialises in integrating young people with Asperger's syndrome or ASD and their associated vulnerabilities, mental health issues and/or behaviours that challenge. With the support of the school's parent company, Kisimul Group Limited, Cruckton Hall has continued to respond to a variety of presented needs and boasts high quality residential provisions registered as a children's home for young people who require up to 52-week placements. The school's registration includes day placements, 38-week termly placements or Monday to Friday and any other combination of stay. Cruckton can continue to provide support throughout school, in Further Education and into adult life to 25.

Cruckton Hall offers a wide range of educational options. The majority of pupils present for public examination for GCSE and/or Entry Level, and some may continue to further their education in our off-site accommodation in Shrewsbury whilst attending local college. Other young people may require a more vocational focus to their course of study, which can be provided by Cruckton Hall. The school is able to offer a variety of educational Pathways from Key Stage 3 to 5, which are grouped as the 'Independence Pathway' and 'Towards Independence Pathway'. The Independence Pathway is a more traditional formal route through to nationally accredited qualifications, mostly at GCSE level and beyond. The Towards Independence Pathway is a semi-formal nurture-based approach, with appropriate accredited courses from Entry Level up to and including GCSE. Cruckton Hall currently offers 15 subjects to GCSE and over 25 externally accredited qualifications.

Cruckton Hall offers support for young people who come to us with social and emotional problems derived from their autistic spectrum disorder, or from difficult experiences prior to placement. We are able to provide a range of support, including access to clinical psychology and psychiatric services, educational psychology and a range of therapeutic interventions.

One strength of Cruckton Hall School lies in its consistent record of success, in both academic and social spheres, the quality and experience of the staff team and the positive measurable outcomes for all of the students.


Cruckton Hall provides a safe, caring, structured residential and learning environment in which each child:

  • feels valued and secure
  • is treated as an individual
  • develops appropriate skills, and
  • grows in confidence

in order for them to take their place fully in society.

Cruckton Hall treats each child as an individual, with a programme based on an assessment of their unique needs, abilities and ambitions and on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Children with ASD need structure in their lives and find difficulty in social relationships. The Cruckton Hall approach provides a carefully structured environment and social relationships are built naturally as an integral part of daily life in a positive, caring community.

We strive towards:

  • A safe environment for each pupil
  • Realistic but high expectations for each individual
  • A supportive structure to each day and each activity
  • Quality teaching and care
  • Genuine respect for each pupil
  • Challenging difficult behaviours
  • Celebration of success

Residential Accommodation

We offer 52-week placements, term time only and a combination of other residential options for both on and off campus. A third of the accommodation is provided within the 18th century, grade II listed manor house that forms the centre of the main Cruckton campus. This provides the security of quality accommodation, combined with a structured educational programme covering the 24 hour period. The remainder of the site offers a variety of accommodation in six further residential houses. There are two properties in the neighbouring town of Shrewsbury. The range of accommodation on offer enables each young person to live in the environment that best meets their needs and to progress to different styles of accommodation as they mature. There is a wide range of out of school activities on offer, with the highlight being the summer camp. Please see the Accommodation section for further information.